A boomer deals with all the schemes pushed at folks over 50

He might be doing a Don Quixote, but BoomerCafé contributor Carrier Slocomb believes he’s finally found a way to deal with all those opportunities to improve our baby boomer lives. Is Carrier’s tongue in his cheek? You decide.

How to get rich quick, shed years off your body, and live in perfect contentment …

Thank you for your attention. I knew that opening line would win you over!

Carrier Slocomb

Carrier Slocomb

Allow me introduce you to a bold, revolutionary concept that, if followed to the letter, will bring you promised results in the years ahead.

It’s called, FoCUSS™. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but if you haven’t that’s okay because it’s so brand new. The makers of FoCUSS™ are folks just like us— there isn’t a Nobel Prize-winning scientist among them! What they have in common, though, is a generous desire to share their profoundly successful system with us, their boomer peers.

Get rich quick… shed years off your body… live in perfect contentment… Seriously, who wouldn’t want to know more about FoCUSS™, with its total mind, body, and spirit system of success?

Perhaps thelast seven years tore chunks from your 401K, shredding your once vigorous retirement portfolio? Against your best wishes, you’ve had to postdate major lifestyle dreams, kill any migratory moves, or reboot your career. Would you say this toll has created too much wear and tear on you, so that now you look back fondly on earlier days of unparalleled energy and hope flowing through your plaque-free veins?

Friend, you need FoCUSS™

You know, so many products promise so much and do so little. Money-making opportunities offering the moon crowd us like traffic on the freeway. If advertising were gamma radiation, we’d have been burned to cinders in our teens. We boomers are so forcibly overexposed and overwhelmed that our brains can’t function normally. Is it possible that we’re poorer, not richer due to the pace we participate in?

So where does FoCUSS™ fit in to your life?

The makers of FoCUSS™ want no money for their product. What they recommend instead is ditching your electronic dependencies and your hurried lifestyle— and choosing instead to fill your life with ever-increasing moments of interruption-free cycles. Cutting down your instant replies to every tweet, twang, gong, and bell. They worry that we boomers are out-of-FoCUSS slaves to our own devices, and as our contemporaries, they warn us, “Don’t let what you own run you.”

So, do you want to make money, feel younger, and finally find peace and contentment? Then use the off-switch on your devices and focus your way to what you need.

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  1. I used to be an expert multi tasker.
    That is until I reached mid life and found myself frazzled and burnt out.
    Through mindfulness meditation I have learned to move on from the busyness of life to get on with the business of life through focusing on one thing at a time for blocks of time.

  2. Amen to that brother! In our zeal to be more productive, informed and entertained, [as well as to seem cool & up-to-date with our grandchildren:)], some of us have become unwittingly addicted to our devices. Recent and ongoing studies are proof of this alarming trend.
    We’re already losing the battle with the younger generation. Have you ever tried to start or carry on a conversation with a youngster glued to his/her smart phone? They give new meaning to the old Timothy Leary chant, “Turn on, tune in, and drop out”.
    Your suggestion is the best remedy and one that we should impress on all of our kids and youngsters – use the “off” switch once in a while. Look around and experience the real world. FoCUSS sure works for me. Excuse me now, while I go out for a walk – without my smart phone.

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