Beat the Odds and Talk About It: BoomerCafé wants YOU

We are planning a project with stories about baby boomers who have taken control of their destiny, re-imagined their reality and re-created their lives: new second careers, new independence, new hobbies, new marriages and partners, new surroundings, new lifestyles.  Baby boomers who felt their lives had gone stagnant, and then, turned everything around.

But we need more than just that.  We are looking for stories about boomers who didn’t just turn their lives around, but overcame significant disappointments and disadvantages, intense adversity, sometimes even tragedy, to do it.  We are looking for stories that are dramatic: baby boomers who have challenged the overwhelming odds that cropped up against them, and won.

If you have lived such a story, or you know another boomer who has, let us know. Write it up (maximum of 400 words, told in the first person) with an emphasis on what it took to conjure up the strength and courage to beat the odds and change your life instead of just enduring it.

If you or a friend or family member has a story that qualifies, please send it to this special email:

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