Baby boomer solves the puzzle of how to find the perfect gift

The generations younger than ours certainly have their own ideas about how to improve our lives, but we boomers are not quite out of ideas ourselves. To wit, we just heard from Tony Schmidt in Lawrence Kansas, who set out to solve what he calls The Impossible Software Problem. We think he’s done it!

Tony Schmidt

I’m Tony, 57-years-old, a mid-range boomer, married with four adult children. Like many, I’m intrigued by innovation. I embrace scientific discoveries, electronics, and new ways to express my personal style. I believe our generation is a wellspring of curiosity.

I often look at the world through the prism of the 60’s and 70’s and optimistically dream of what the future should hold. Specifically I like to think about solving problems, like the computers on futuristic sci-fi programs of our era. “Computer, recommend a gift for Jane.”

What drives me is, I’m allergic to the holiday shopping ritual. Several years ago, remembering those sci-fi shows, I sought a way to ease the pain of gift-shopping by enlisting software. I knew gift-giving to be an important tradition and maybe even the social cement that pulls far-flung families together. To me, giving great gifts is hugely satisfying.

But how to do it was eating at me when I met a man in L.A. who told me of two large seemingly impossible problems he had addressed. He had created a system to help people discover what sort of person they should marry and what kind of work they are most suited to do. I don’t know if his Q&A process ever took off but it inspired me to create something similar for gifts.

The “Gift Professor.”

So, my company developed an online and mobile technology that actually solves this large problem. It sorts out the infinite options on the web to help us find the perfect gift for a specific person.

I call it “Gift Professor” and it’s an advanced gift matching system that accesses more than 2,000 merchants’ coolest products. My goal is to save time, energy, and stress. Answer a few short questions and then browse a perfect, personalized gift list.

Every day, we review new merchants’ selections to present something fresh, new, the best of the best. Most important, the infinite scroll results are matched exactly to the giver or the givee in a 100 percent unbiased way. With no more malls!

Who says baby boomers are out of new ideas?!

Check out GiftProfessor online!

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