One Baby Boomer’s Job Search in the Digital Age

We are active baby boomers; that is the theme of BoomerCafé. But what happens when inactivity is forced upon us? Pam Johnson, a.k.a. Mz. Zoomer, went through that. And learned a few lessons about One Boomer’s Job Search in the Digital Age.

I was put out to pasture this past summer. This is the second time in my work life that I have been laid off. It`s very different this time, though. Now, as a baby boomer, it’s abundantly clear that to succeed, I will have to adapt.

Pam Johnson

I do have some cards to play. My years in Telecommunications have forced me to embrace technology, in spite of myself. By no means an expert, it has given me that little edge to push beyond the fear of technology. I have a wealth of working knowledge and have developed a large social and business network that any company would value. Most importantly, over time I have developed patience. I am a better listener, communicator, and teammate. Paired with my strong “hard” skills, my improved soft skills make for a powerful combo.

The internet has been helping with my job search. There is so much access to so many resources. There are job sites, social media sites, resume building sites and even sites that offer tips on how to interview better. Have you ever typed in keywords “boomer job search” on Twitter Search? Try it. Apparently we Boomers are turning to the internet for job searches even more than younger generations! Refreshing. Check it out: How the Generations Use Social Media to Job Search. What a wake-up call to employers.

And now, the “elephant in the room” — ageism in the workforce. A job search is different from securing a job. I might offer an impressive online presence to an employer but in the end, people hire people. Most likely my younger interviewers will wonder if I am capable of learning new things, or can handle taking instruction from someone younger. One can debate exactly how long it takes a person to form a first impression.

An article by Carol Kinsey Goman, Seven Seconds to Make a First Impression, claims that you have seven seconds! Wow, even if it’s two minutes, I need to control this moment. To prepare, I turn to the internet once again. You’ll find tons of great advice and tips for Boomers.

Just read this BoomerCafé article by Bob Weinstein. Is this all a bit overwhelming and are there days that I worry about finding a decent job? Absolutely! Will I have success? Only time will tell, but I sincerely believe that I will. I certainly have all of the tools to. Yes, this time being laid off is very different.

Pam Johnson is online … click here.

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