Hillary Clinton: Relishing in showing her age and prominence

Sure, it’s a free country, but that doesn’t mean we feel free to look our age. Especially women. But, STOP THE PRESSES: there is one very prominent 64-year-old who disagrees. And Renee Fisher, author of “Saving The Best For Last: Creating Our Lives After 50,” has called her out!

Hillary Clinton

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an event generating even more negative feedback than her national health care debacle back when Bill was President, has appeared in public with minimal makeup, glasses, and au natural hair. The shocking occurrence took place during an official event in Bangladesh, part of her recent diplomatic tour throughout Asia.

In an act that brazenly flaunted common decency and decorum, she allowed the world to see the true state of leading-edge female Baby Boomer’s face.

Online, the Drudge Report, having had little to report on since a lengthy analysis of Rick Santorum’s “Satan has his sights on the United States of America!” statement, was elated.

Renee Fisher

“Hillary Au Naturale” screamed Drudge’s headline, as it showed a photo of the Secretary of State wearing glasses, loose hair, and nothing but a little bit of lipstick.

CNN followed, as did media outlets the world over. For twenty hours, Twitter mailboxes were jammed. The website was able to do little more than show subscribers that stupid whale with the message “Whoops! It appears that we have engorged ourselves with Tweets and are experiencing a state of complete constipation.”

The more TV programs chimed in. The View, Anderson Cooper, The Today Show, and Discovery Health all immediately set regular programming aside to present special shows on “When is Old Too Old to Show?”

Dr 90210, the voice of plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, was appalled. “It’s bad enough that our Secretary of State continues to avoid the necessary cosmetic procedures that are easily available to all citizens, young and old, rich and poor, of this great nation. She goes about in public with her natural breasts, her wrinkles, and her facial sagging.

Ad for anti-aging treatment.

But this, this is unconscionable. She could be setting an example for young women everywhere. Instead, she stoops to embracing her, and I get hives even saying this, natural state. After a woman reaches a certain age, plastic surgery should be mandatory, and no older woman should be seen in public without hair and makeup done. This is exactly why we are slipping in world esteem.”

But an even higher authority then chimed in. A spokesperson for the annual Wartburg, Tennessee beauty contest, “Purty Potty Trainers,” which is showcased on Toddlers and Tiaras, said, “Lord, we wooden even let a two-yir-old out in public widdout full makeup an wigs. Wimen start fallin apart at an early age. We are shocked that that Hillary person is some kinda big deal guvmint-type, right? And she did this, even if it was just in India. Them Indians wore war paiint, right? So they know about cosmetics. How cum she didnít?”

As all the hoopla swirled around her, Clinton flaunted public opinion further by telling a CNN correspondent, “I feel so relieved to be at the stage I’m at in my life right now, because if I want to wear my glasses. If I want to pull my hair back, I’m pulling my hair back.”

CNN producers immediately interrupted broadcasting before Clinton could dig herself even deeper.

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  1. Good for her!! I gave up makeup when I retired from the practice of law. Why is this camouflage culturally necessary for women but not men? The only place I haven’t seen women routinely made up is in academia.

  2. As if I needed another reason to admire this woman even more. I shall refrain from expressing my views on the current state of the media as I wish to remain in a calm state for the rest of the day.

  3. Renee, great piece, couldn’t agree more, I’ll take Clinton (either one, husband or wife) without makeup, and au natural… etc over Sarah Palin, (younger) and all made up any day! Wendy

  4. I’m so glad Renee that you chose to write about Ms.Clinton without makeup, hair, whatever.

    You’ve highlighted Ms. Clinton’s dedication to speaking for women everywhere, (ok, except particpants of the Wartburg, Tennessee beauty contest)without ‘cosmetic’ enhancements. See the person, not the age!

    Brava to both of you!

  5. I am appalled that our society has become so repelled by the sight of an aging woman. When I hit 40, I finally felt like my face looked interesting. I stopped coloring my hair a few years ago (I’m 53 now), and I’m quite happy with my look. I don’t begrudge a woman a bit of work if she wants it, but mandatory? That’s infuriating.

    It’s also appalling that with all the crazy things that many of our male politicians are spouting, the news is all about a woman’s appearance. We truly have our priorities out of whack.

    1. I am appalled, as well. And yes, with such huge issues we face on all fronts, one would think that the Secretary of State’s appearance wouldn’t even be worth a thought.

  6. You go girl! It is wonderful to reach an age when you don’t care about what others think – even when you are on a world stage. I give her a lot of credit. It took a lot of courage to face the world makeup-less, etc. She is on the leading edge – let the future begin.

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