Staying positive and young in mind and spirit

We like this advice about staying positive, from frequent contributor Marcia Barhydt. As she says, we are all getting older (which started, of course, the day we were born). But staying young? That’s something else, Marcia says. That’s up to your Boomer Mind and Body.

When I was a little girl, I remember my mother and myaunt talking about another cousin who lived in the depths of Pennsylvania. They would say, “Every time we hear from Mary, all she does is talk about what’s wrong with her.”

Marcia Barhydt

Now, many of us have moved into our sixties ourselves. And we are beginning to sound like that cousin. Because while we are the first boomers to change how retirement and life are viewed, we are also the firstboomers who may start having some health challenges. This litany of injuries can become part of our lives. And I think we need to make it stop.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t speak about the bypass heart surgery you had last week, but I am saying that I don’t want to hear about it every single time I phone you for the next year. Do not define yourself by your pain; define yourself by whatever parts of you are living without pain, whatever parts of you are still amazing. Do not let your Boomer body run your Boomer brain.

What I’m suggesting is that if we wallow in negativity, we’re gonna be covered in mud. We need to climb out of that mud pit and pull ourselves into the sun that shines brightly for all of us who take the time to see it. Ditto if we surround ourselves with negativity or other people who choose to live their lives being victims of their own minds.

One of the first articles I wrote a couple of years ago for BoomerCafé was about dealing with our aging bodies. I suggested that we “Dig Deep” for solutions. Today I think that our solutions are not tucked away deep inside us. I think that staying happy and positive is a choice we make every morning when we get out of bed. We choose each day how we’re going to deal with that day and with the people we touch within that day. Easy-peasy.

Making such a choice is not so tough, no matter what our age. Choosing positivity over negativity has been happening to us all our lives. We’re good at making the right choices. We choose what’s best for each of us. Every day.

For a couple of years I lived with a girl who seemed to decide her mood every day. She’d get out of her bed and say, “You better not talk to me today; I’m feeling very grumpy.” And you know what? I left her alone all day long! But my point is that she had her mind made up about the kind of day she was going to have before she took her first sip of coffee. You know the saying — “We get what we think.”

If we can open our minds enough to choose our daily outlook, then we erase victimizing. Here’s a challenge: try staying in a negative mood when you play with your grandchildren, when you read a favorite book, when you walk on the beach, when you listen to your favorite music cranked up high. Try staying in a negative mood when you open your eyes and see all of the wonder in your Boomer world. As for me, I can’t.

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  1. It’s all attitude! It’s oour choice how we want to live. We can focus on the good things or dwell on the losses. Why not choose to be happy?

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