Baby boomer band reunites after years, revives memories of an era

Don’t ya love it? When baby boomers bring back the 60s?!? Here’s Ron Hamrick‘s story about one group of boomers, who have revived memories about the positive parts of that era. It’s Not Your Average Grandpa Band.

“Picture your grandpa doing this” is the quick announcement before The Sixth Generation starts its sets. It launches into a rousing rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady. In front of the band, there’s a large crowd of baby boomers. Some can’t help but get up and dance while others bop in their seats. And what a show it is! Remakes of classic hits from the 1960s, and originals written especially for baby boomers, a flood of great music as well as a touch of nostalgia for those who were around in the 60s.

Back then, The Sixth Generation was a popular rock band from Michigan. It attracted large audiences across Michigan and Indiana. In 1967, the band released a song called “This Is The Time” that became a #1 regional hit. Although still in demand in 1970, the band stopped performing when its members went off to college. Nonetheless, their hit eventually earned them a spot in the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends hall of fame.

Forty years later, in 2010, the members of The Sixth Generation decided to get back together to play one more time for old time’s sake. What happened from there was truly amazing. When word leaked out about the band getting back together for a practice, forty to fifty old fans showed up at the rehearsal! Keep in mind, the band hadn’t played together in forty years. But once it did start playing again, it was as if they had never been apart. Fans were clapping, cheering, and demanding more! Since then, the band has been performing to enthusiastic audiences across the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.

Members of The Sixth Generation band today.

When the band got back together, they re-recorded “That Was The Time” as an autobiographical song about the band. A YouTube video of the song has attracted well over 63,000 viewers. In October, The Sixth Generation will be releasing a new album called “That Was… This Is.” It is solidly targeted at baby boomers. So, while The Sixth Generation was a one-hit wonder back in the 60s, now that the members are in their 60s, they are completing unfinished business.

Here is their music video …


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