How boomers and other generations search for jobs

While we may not like each others’ habits, music, clothes, or hair styles, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials have similar tastes in job searches. Among all of the three groups, searching for work online is king — more than 90 percent say they use the Internet to look for work.

Most job-seekers in all generations turn to job boards as their main resource and use social networks extensively for job searching as well. One twist: Generations X and Y prefer Google+, while Baby Boomers prefer LinkedIn.

“They’re searching online because that’s where the opportunities are,” Dan Schawbel, founder of Millenial Branding. “Its pretty sad that less than 15 percent have a professional website—it’s the best way to differentiate themselves.”

The generations start to divide when looking at the nation’s persistently tough employment situation. According to the study, Baby Boomers are contending with the longest time to secure a new job, Generation X is experiencing highest levels of most stress and frustration with the job situation, and Generation Y is the most optimistic and most willing to go back to school or start businesses in order to fend off unemployment.

(Source: Upstart Business Journals)

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  1. Interesting reading. I myself am job hunting right now and I find at least for myself, this is bang on in terms of the search for jobs. I can only hope that I buck the trend for “the longest time to secure a new job”.  Time will tell.

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