For some baby boomers, it’s time to live a motorcycle dream

More baby boomers may be living out their teenage fantasies by learning to ride motorcycles after they turn 40, at least in Australia.

New figures obtained by The West Australian show that one in three motorcycle licence applicants in West Australia is over 40.

American Harley rider. (Photo: Cecil Brathwaite. Used with permission)

Curtin University cultural studies professor Jon Stratton said that the romance of riding a motorcycle on the open road appealed to many baby boomers, particularly men.

“This is the generation brought up watching films like Easy Rider,” Professor Stratton said.

“To them, the motorcycle symbolises freedom and the opportunity to escape and leave their troubles behind.

“As they get older – and they have the money and the time to own a motorcycle – they can live out their dreams by buying one.”

Professor Stratton said that motorcycles were popular after World War II because they were considered the cheap alternative to a car.

But this had changed in recent years, with some motorcycles being as expensive as a good second-hand car.

The lower cost of running a motorcycle is what convinced 58-year-old Chris Byrnes to get his licence two months ago. The daily commute from his home in Stirling to the city – and the cost of parking – made a motorcycle a more economical option.

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Photo of Harley rider is (c) Cecil Braithwaite –

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