Boomer bags packed: Give me a ticket for an aeroplane

The 77-million member baby boom generation is entering retirement with wanderlust. Boomers are trotting the globe, whether it’s to fulfill a bucket list or simply to stretch legs starting to experience circulatory problems. Either way, boomers are creating an unprecedented travel boom.

A study from New York-based Scarborough Research indicates that boomers are more likely than any other demographic group to travel in the U.S. and abroad, and it’s a trend that won’t slow as more of the famed generation migrates into retirement and out across the globe.

The Scarborough study finds that baby boomers are 9 percent more likely than all U.S. adults to have traveled domestically for business or vacation purposes in the past year, and 3 percent more likely to have engaged in foreign travel for business or vacation purposes in the past three years. Nine percent of baby boomers have visited Europe in the past three years and 12% vacationed in the Caribbean.

Boomer wanderlust isn’t exactly in line with the acting-out-against-a-staid-culture Beatnik urge or the scientifically curious and courageous Alexander Von Humboldts of history’s golden age of exploration, but it is encouraging a “let it ride” mentality after all those years of hard work and saving: 9% of baby boomers have visited Las Vegas in the past year and 34% visited a casino in the same time frame.

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