Health tips for actively aging baby boomers

As the old joke goes, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” (If you don’t get it, say it out loud!) Which leads to an undeniable truth: we baby boomers are getting older. We cope by living an active lifestyle despite what the calendar tells us, but how do we deal with the health issues that we can’t always fend off? Well, one pharmacy chain, CVS, has some advice that might be worth following. They call it “Health Tips for Actively Aging Baby Boomers.”

The first of the Baby Boomer generation have already turned 65. Now, nearly 10,000 Boomers turn 65 every day. The Boomer generation is more active and is expected to live longer than previous generations.

But at the same time, as this generation reaches these ages, Boomers will begin taking on a new set of health and wellness challenges. One of the easiest and most effective ways to best manage them — to avoid drug interactions and side effects that may affect the quality of an active life — is to form a closer relationship with your pharmacist. According to recent research:

  • People who use one pharmacy are more likely to stay on their medications and maintain their healthy lifestyle.
  • If you talk to your pharmacist, you’ll be twice as likely to take your medications as prescribed, which keeps you healthier.
  • Taking medications as prescribed can lower healthcare costs by thousands of dollars annually.

Pharmacists can answer questions about health conditions that are likely to plague Boomers, such as arthritis, cancer, heart issues, and maintenance medications for common conditions like high cholesterol or blood pressure.

Our advice?

  1. Maintain one “pharmacy home” – Having just one pharmacy home for all your prescriptions can help guard against potential drug interactions. Furthermore, people using a single pharmacy are more likely to connect with their own pharmacists on a regular basis, who can offer advice on the different roles of medications in treating health conditions.
  2. Keep communication lines open – If you have a question, are unsure about a certain medication, are experiencing a side-effect, or just have an achy knee, it’s important to speak with a trained health expert. Sometimes the fix will be as simple as shifting your medication dosage or perhaps taking your medication with food instead of on an empty stomach.
  3. Be mindful of proper medication adherence and storage – Medication adherence is a growing concern across the U.S. as many Americans neglect to fill prescriptions and take medications as directed. In fact, one in every four people who are prescribed new medication never fill it. As for storage, unless otherwise advised by your pharmacist or doctor, medications should generally be stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, so it’s best not to keep them in a humid bathroom or on an exposed windowsill.

As Baby Boomers, you can live the full, active live you desire, and you can help ensure it by following those simple rules. And perhaps by watching this video, which reinforces them:



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