Baby boomers gaining ground with online social media

It is apparent that Baby Boomers nationwide are ramping up their usage of social media to covertly keep a finger on their Gen X and Y children while staying connected with siblings, friends and colleagues.

In fact, baby boomer usage has increased more than 50% in the past two years as stated in a social media report published a few months ago, reports

Yet, baby boomers use social media differently than other generations.

According to the report, some differences are:

  • They tend to separate professional and personal information on social media with LinkedIn emerging as the number one business connection site. Younger generations make less of a distinction between professional and personal focus thus sometimes blurring the lines of appropriate content.
  • Boomers are more concerned about privacy.
  • Although not continually on social media, there are quite a few boomers who embrace that trend because they understand the world of self-promotion.
  • Most boomers have a very different concept of what is news and seek out more depth and substance behind news and information.

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