Untangling the Maze of Social Media for Boomers

We like advice that keeps baby boomers with active lifestyles, active. Tim Cronin bills himself as The Value Marketing Coach, and he has some good advice for us about something some of us have been avoiding: Facebook, and how it has changed everything!

Are you clueless about all the talk of Social Media Marketing? Dazed and confused about all the buzz regarding Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, even YouTube? As Boomers, a lot of us can’t be bothered. But don’t knock it until you try it!

I’ve been a Facebook “person” for about three years now. It’s been, with a few exceptions, a truly pleasurable experience. I’ve reconnected with lots of old friends, classmates, family members, co-workers, and more. My class of 1971 even started our own Facebook Fan Page to promote our upcoming 40th class reunion. I have about 350 FB “friends” and most of them have some valuable information to share! My advice is, give it a try.

If you’re one of the millions of Boomers who are currently unemployed or “underemployed,” I think Facebook and Linked-in are the best way to promote yourself. Most hiring managers at companies you might want to work for want to see your Facebook Page and/or your Linked-in profile. These are becoming as important if not more important than a resume. If you’re not FB or Linked-In savvy, you’re viewed as a dinosaur. You need to demonstrate you have some skills and can contribute to a contemporary organization.

If you’re already a regular Facebook member and user, that’s great. If not, YOU NEED TO BE! I hear so many Boomers say, “Oh, I don’t do Facebook,” or “My wife and kids are on Facebook but I’m not.” I understand some people’s reluctance to get on board. However, if you want to make money and I mean A BOATLOAD OF MONEY in an internet marketing business, it is mandatory that you create not just one but at least three Facebook pages: a “friend” page, a “business friend” page, and a “business fan” page.

Tim Cronin

The fact is, whether you “get” Facebook or not, you might need to understand and tap into the power of this social media giant. The numbers are too staggering to ignore: 500 million members worldwide, 150 million members in the U.S.A., half of the members are “regular” users, which means, they visit their FB pages multiple times weekly. And here’s the FB fact that blows me away: average Facebook users spend 55 MINUTES A DAY on their FB pages.

That’s an unbelievable number of “eyeballs” that you as an internet marketer need to be in front of as much as you can. Like or not, Facebook is changing the way we live and it’s a phenomenon that’s here to stay. So if you haven’t embraced Facebook yet, shift your paradigm. Think of it this way: Facebook could make you a lot of money. All you need is some knowledge and a plan, and to execute that plan with all your might. I’m willing to help you through the entire process.

And if you’re unemployed and struggling to find a job, you may want to consider a Plan B: start a home based business. There are lots of great internet-based businesses that you can manage from home. Some take little or no start up capital. You can learn how to utilize a lot of the latest internet-based tools, like Facebook, Google, and YouTube by searching the major search engines and FB. Google will host a website for free.

Another fantastic way to get your name out there is by creating and maintaining a blog site. What should your blog be about? Well, I believe everyone has something of value to offer. What are you passionate about? What is your hobby? You have a unique point-of-view, so share it. I have a friend who is a raving NASCAR fan. Two years ago, as a lark, he started a blog about NASCAR. Now he has more than 2,000 fan followers! As a result, this year he was given a press pass to gain access behind the scenes at the Daytona 500.

So if you don’t have a Facebook page, you ought to go to > and create your page now! Don’t be a fuddy-duddy! Check out this Facebook page from my partner, Brian Cronin:  It’s an awesome Facebook Business Page and you’ll see how to make your own.

Facebook may not just be the future; it may be yours.


  1. Those who think Facebook & Twitter for business use is pure bunk may have support from lawyers, it seems. The May issue of Washington Lawyer (the official journal of the District of Columbia bar) has this to say about Facebook & Twitter as any sort of useful business or marketing tool:

    “Facebook is NOT the web site for law professionals. Facebook tends to be more personal and light-hearted. Let’s face it, people are not joining Facebook to read about serious law-related issues. And Twitter offers social networking services in 140 characters or less … because of limited entry space Twitter cannot post a lot of information immediately.”

    The D.C. bar seems to be saying what Colleen (above) already said. So, it seems, Colleen’s comment (above) now has the full support of the legal community. lol

  2. Facebook marketing might work for people who believe facebook marketing can work, but I believe in general the boomer generation uses social media as social media. Miss Manners has it right when she touts the virtues of keeping your social social and your business business.

  3. This article makes a lot of good points about the utility of social media both for personal growth as well as business growth. As we already know, the fastest growing Facebook demographic is women over 55, so it is clear that baby boomers are moving online in droves. For those of you who mentioned they have had no luck with internet marketing, you simply haven’t employed the right methods of engagement. Most marketers are classically trained in advertising lingo and sales pitches, but for social media this type of strategy is the opposite of what actually works. Those that said here that their internet marketing strategies have not worked either aren’t giving them enough attention or are going about them incorrectly.This post mentions many ways why you should remain vigilant in social media both for personal and business goals, thanks for sharing!

  4. Social media is fun! I am sixty and I find: 1.) Facebook is best way to keep up with friends and family on a daily basis. Everybody is busy, but a status of what someone is doing at a moment in time is just that right touch of keeping connected. 2.) My blog http://boomersgonebonkers.com is a great way to share the experiences my husband and I are going through as our boomer lifestyle changes. 3.) Linkedin has been fabulous for reconnecting with friends on a professional basis. Found people I had not seen or heard from in years (and they have found me.) All in all, social media has broaden my horizons and allowed me to re-connected with people in a way that has made the time and energy devoted to it, to be more than rewarding. It has been fantastic!

  5. Facebook as a valid marketing tool? Hardly. There’s a sucker born every minute. Who ya going to believe, Victoria Torok and Tim Cronin who are both in the internet marketing biz and are trolling for new clients, or Tony who runs a profitable business and has tried internet marketing and says internet marketing is pure bunk?

    Personally, I own/operate 3 highly successful businesses and, like Tony, have had a highly visible internet presence for over a decade with absolutely zero discernible business generated from the internet. I absolutely agree with Tony … anyone who thinks Facebook is an important marketing tool or spends an hour a day on it, is either a child or a moron. Facebook may be fine for arranging class reunions, sharing photos of the grandkids with the world, or for other mundane social networking tasks, but as a valid, grown-up marketing tool? Not!

  6. This article is right on the money. 76% of the 76 million Boomers out there will pursue brand new jobs/careers in their mid-60’s (mostly self-employed). They don’t stand a prayer if they’re not using 21st century marketing techniques.

  7. I think Norman has this writer pegged correctly. This story is pure bunk. My company has had a web presence since 1996, Facebook since 2006, Twitter since 2008, Linkedin since 2009. Our business is brisk, but we have never made a dime from these sites. Not a single person has ever mentioned finding us on any of these sites. No clients have even mentioned using any of these sites for business purposes. I doubt very seriously that any serious person cares one bit about whether a company or individual has such web presence. I visited Brian Cronin’s Facebook page as requested by this writer, stared at it for a few moments, then moved on. I have no idea why anyone would find that page to be of interest, much less benefit. And, personally, I think anyone who spends 55 minutes a day (as this writer claims is the average) is either a child or a moron.

  8. I suppose at age 65 I’m guilty of not wanting to use a juvinile system like Facebook. I don’t have social insecurity problems like the author apparently does.

    I can communicate by e-mail, Yahoo Messenger, Ham radio and yes the telephone. Mr Cronin I don’t believe you know what you are talking about.

  9. Enjoyed the article, Tim. I hear my former self in every curmudgeon who says “I’m not into all that Facebook stuff,” but who now feels that FB has enriched my life. Moving 3,000 miles away from family and friends is lonely, but with FB, I can feel reconnected and up-to-date. It saves a ton on phone calls, photos and snail mail. Talking to long lost friends is such a joy. Have you ever had that many birthday wishes at one time? It helps with fund-raising for good causes instantly. Keep getting the word out.

  10. The difficulty in untangling the social web is that it keeps changing. I’ve tried to stick with Twitter and Facebook, but there is always something new, especially if you are a blogger looking for readers. It’s a challenge.

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