How Much Does Anyone Know About Baby Boomers?

People think they know who we boomers are. They think they understand us. But with so much emphasis on the cultural and buying habits of the generations that follow ours, how much does anyone really know? Liz Kitchens, who originally writes for BoomerCafé, wants to know more. So she’s taking a survey, and offering a prize for those who participate. BoomerCafé is not behind it but will be interested to see what she learns about her target audience: Lady Boomers.

Liz Kitchens

Lady Boomers, how did we manage to finagle ourselves into this position at this point in our lives? We truly are the “tweener” generation, as in “in-betweener,” sandwiched between parenting children and tending to aging parents. A survey funded by Charles Schwab last year found 25% of young adults, between the ages of 23-28, still reside with their parents.

What’s more, 41% of Boomer parents provide at last some financial support, and only half of them say their kids are fully independent. A USA Today/ABC poll also found that 40% of Baby Boomers whose parent(s) are alive provide financial assistance and/or personal care for them.

We must be exhausted and broke! We run from meeting to meeting, checking off our to-do lists, squeezing in time here and there to pursue our own passions. I am interested in determining whether the statistics I cite above mirror your own. That’s why I have designed a survey just for Lady Boomers between the ages of 46-65. (Sorry guys, next time I’ll devise one just for you).

I’m interested in developing a lifestyle profile of Baby Boomer women. I’m a 57-year-old woman, one of you, and am curious whether we share similar priorities and experiences. My survey will query you about your hobbies and interests: in which part of the country you live, whether you’re married, whether your kids financially dependent upon you? What is or was your occupation?

This is your chance to be heard. And, if you are willing to participate, your email address will be entered in a drawing to win $100 just for taking the survey. There will be three winners. My husband and I have a research firm and conduct surveys and focus groups, so I assure you this is a legitimate survey. Your email address will not be used to send you pesky advertisements.

We will analyze the results of this survey and I will write articles about the findings (hopefully they can be published on BoomerCafé). If you are interested in participating just click on the following link and it will take you right there … Click here.

Happy answering …

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