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BoomerCafé is not about fashion, so this story sent to us from The Netherlands isn’t quite up our alley, but when Martha Persoon and Saskia Rietmeijer got in touch from Amsterdam, we had to admire their spirit. These two baby boomers are vintage and retro fashionistas. Since we’re always into boomers doing something new, and since they write with such enthusiasm about what they do, we decided to share it with you. It’s about Two Ladies And A Wardrobe.

In January 2015, we started Two Ladies And A Wardrobe to share our love for fashion and our experience in styling for others and ourselves. Our goal: to encourage women of all ages to create and enjoy their own personal style. Because yes! It is possible to shine and look good, no matter your age and, also important, no matter your budget!

How did we get started?

50 up Dutch vintage & retro fashionistas Martha (left) and Saskia share their wardrobe, style tips and tricks.

50 up Dutch vintage & retro fashionistas Martha (left) and Saskia share their wardrobe, style tips and tricks.

(From Saskia) The moment I entered my first vintage store as a teenager, I knew this was it for me. I bought some original faded and worn Levi’s dungarees and combined that with an apple green blouse and orange wellingtons. I just loved the look.

(From Martha) I have always had a strong love for the fifties and sixties. The design, the architecture, fashion, movies, and music. love it all. In my younger days as a punk and later as a rockabilly I combined vintage clothes with contemporary fashion.

Our paths crossed two years ago and we immediately felt a connection in our mutual passion for vintage and retro fashion. We recognized the same creative approach to dressing ourselves. We often get compliments on the way we look and notice that our presence is an inspiration for women. It seems as if seeing us brightens up their day. And it brightens ours too, because there aren’t many things as nice as getting a compliment. It really boosts your ego.

We like women to be more aware of what they wear and why. Women are never too old to enjoy and express their own personal style. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to blend in. Come on ladies! What stops you from shining and standing out from the crowd?


Blogging turned out to be great fun. It gives us an excuse to visit even more vintage stores to review them and to collect outfits for our photo shoots and, hey, to buy a piece or two as well. On the day of the photo shoot the studio gradually transforms into a huge chaotic wardrobe of dresses, shoes, and accessories. Out of a great pile of clothes, we create the best outfits combining our own wardrobes with clothes we borrow from vintage and regular shops. A highly satisfactory process for fashion addicts like us. And hopefully a great read and inspiration for our followers too!


  1. Oh I love the pairing of “odd” elements together. I often end up wearing the same old blue jeans with the same old tops. Thanks for sharing your photos and story!

  2. While I have zero fashion sense, I have bought used clothes since my twenties, originally to save money, later because I found the ease of shopping in one place and finding both standard and unique clothing I could afford. Many fond memories: a long wool coat with great pockets kept me warm even in blizzards for years; various flattering evening and formal wear for less than 30$; silk, wool, or cotton name brands in my size! Also, furnished my house with finds at various thrift stores. Wandering the aisles was like time travel as I examined and viewed iconic kitchenware and home decorations.

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