Practical advice about protein for baby boomers

Protein for Baby Boomers? Yes, that’s right, there are some specifics that we need to keep in mind if we want to live up to BoomerCafé’s bar of active lifestyles and youthful spirits. That’s why we’re passing along this “fact sheet” from the International Food Information Council Foundation. It’s easy and, in our view, practical advice to keep our body’s muscle tissue in the shape we need.


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  1. YES! And I lost 50 pounds by upping my protein intake to around 60 grams per day, and cutting way down on starches. Feel better by having very small amounts of bread, potatoes, rice, etc.!

  2. Hi,
    Me again. I thought that I’d put in my 2 cents for vegetable protein, which is basically ignored in this article. Here’s a great link to some vegetables that will give you all the (complete) protein your body could ask for and it has the added benefit of being cruelty-free! (this isn’t blatant self-promotion, it’s an independent site 😉
    Jim Jensen
    The Essential Boomer


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