Life for a baby boomer is an odyssey. So is love.


Life for a baby boomer is an odyssey. So is love. That’s what makes this personal tale from Larry Lefkowitz of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, so moving. Because a lot of us have had odysseys like his. Odysseys with our relationships.

For some time now, I have wanted to write an article about my relationship, but it just seemed too personal or needing of a happy ending. Much thought ensued. I waited; I delayed; I feared talking about it would somehow jinx it.

Larry Lefkowitz

Larry Lefkowitz

Yet, there are things I want to tell you. At this time in life, I had settled for knowing that I have had relationships, good and bad, but that now not having one was okay. There is a lot to to be said for solitude and frankly, a good deal of freedom as well.

But there is also loneliness and a distinct lack of humor when you are alone. The truth is, I wanted a lasting relationship based on humor, love, and compassion, but I never thought I would find one again. I had only really experienced this once in my adult life and consequences conspired to erode and extinguish that. I knew that it would actually have to happen either by magic or kismet. I did not know how, or even if, this would or could happen.

Time. Patience. Two things I felt were in short supply to me. I am not patient and I am also not getting any younger. In fact, like it or not, the end is a heck of a lot closer than the beginning, so could I have the kind of relationship I wanted, yet take the time to develop and enrich one at this age? Well, with very little thought, I determined that any relationship worth its salt would have to take time to develop no matter what. So, what next?

I must now digress. Through a friend, I was given the opportunity to do a guest DJ stint at a local public radio station. I love music and it was suggested that I present a show for an hour on my favorite band, The Beatles. So I did the show, and it was great fun. The professional DJ I sat with encouraged me to apply to the station with the ultimate goal of getting my own show. After contemplating this for a spell, I did apply and some time later, I did get my own program, which I call “The Other Side.”

Which is a prelude to telling you that this is where I met Ms. C, the woman that inspired this story.

Not a storybook love at first site, I got to know her and like her; respect and admire her. I fell in love with her. What a great feeling. Something I never expected would happen had happened.

Does she love me? I think so. Is she in love with me? I don’t know. What I do know is that we are good together and love develops like roots of a good tree given enough care. Can I be patient for her love to grow? I can. I must. Will she be the one to walk with me into the sunset? I hope so. What I do know is that right now, at this age, at this time, I am prepared to work as hard as I know how to make her happy and enjoy the happiness at my door.

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