New experiences every boomer might enjoy

We all know that baby boomers aren’t going to be content all the time sitting on a porch and crocheting. That’s why we like what Silvana Clark of Seattle wrote for BoomerCafé: it’s about new experiences that every boomer might enjoy; unique ways to spend our time.

It finally happened. The kids are out of the house, (and haven’t boomeranged back to their old rooms), so you have time to take part in fulfilling experiences, both close to home or in places you’ve never visited. The following are some opportunities designed for Boomers looking to have a purpose while meeting other like-minded people.

Diverbo: Talk your way to a free stay!


Silvana with her husband cooking a large skillet of shrimps in spices.

That’s right. This program provides a free week of gourmet meals and authentic accommodations in exchange for talking to Spanish- or German-speaking people. No teaching experience required! We spent a fascinating week in Spain at a restored 18th-Century village. In each week-long program, a group of 15 to 25 volunteers (from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, etc.) “populate” one of the beautiful hotel resorts and provide conversation in English, through a diverse daily schedule.

Activities change every hour to keep it fun and engaging. One-to-one conversation periods are mixed with mealtime discussions, group sessions, and evening entertainment. After our “free” week in Spain, we took the overnight train to Paris and spent four days exploring French culture. A great way to stretch your travel dollars, in addition to meeting people from around the world.

Habitat for Humanity for People With RVs:


We’ve all heard about this worldwide agency that builds new homes for low-income families. Habitat for Humanity also has a separate division for RVers called RV Care-A-Vanners. Habitat projects usually involve 8 to 20 volunteers working for two-week periods. You might help build a house or assist with repairing one in a disaster-relief effort. In exchange for around seven hours of work per day, Habitat staffers provide lunch and will provide you a place to park your RV at no cost. Care-A-Vanners work across the country, year-round, so you are sure to find a location that works for your schedule.


Experience the World of Sugar Beet Harvesting

Speaking of RVs … if you have an RV and want to earn some money in a 3-to-4 week period, apply at a company involved with beet harvesting. American Crystal Sugar and Sidney Sugars hires over 1,300 workers stationed at 45 sugar beet receiving stations. These seasonal employees are an integral part of making yearly sugar production asuccess. These short-term positions attract applicants from all over the United States and Canada. You do need an RV to be hired. Best of all, the companies pay your campsite fees as well as an excellent salary!

Be a Star!

Well, you might not be a star with your own dressing room, but you could be an extra in a movie or commercial. Most major cities have production companies to make commercials, films, or training videos. They often look for people to simply walk on a sidewalk or to sit in the background, drinking coffee. I once had a part in a commercial where I had to stand on the steps of a large library and walk down three steps on the cue of “Action!” (I performed with Academy Award winning precision.) By registering with a casting agency, you have a chance to audition and get a part.

Silvana on camera.

Silvana on camera.

If you have a special skill such as repairing a bathroom, tap-dancing or stand-up paddle-boarding your chances of getting a part increase. I once had an audition because the casting agent needed someone with high energy and enthusiasm. As it turns out, I had too much energy and enthusiasm and they cast someone on the calmer side. Google the phrases “Casting agent” or “Talent agent” in your local major city. Here’s an example of what casting agents are looking for:

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