Employers turn their backs on training baby boomers

A sales training organization in the United Kingdom, called Sales Commando, has completed a study that should concern every baby boomer. What it shows is, when it comes to training for a job, older workers are being routinely ignored by employers. Which is mystifying because, as Sales Commando says, it’s as simple as teaching an old dog some new tricks.

Older workers — you can read “baby boomers” into that phrase — are being routinely ignored by employers when it comes to training, warns a leading international sales training organization, despite more retirees being employed than ever before.

Doug Tucker, Sales Commando.

Doug Tucker, Sales Commando.

The observations of Doug Tucker, Managing Director of Sales Commando, are based on the company’s extensive experiences with major employers in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and the Middle East

As Doug says, “More and more people are working beyond the current ages of retirement and this is a universal trend that’s set to continue as the age of retirement rises in tandem with increasing life expectancy.

“However, what I find mystifying is that older workers are consistently looked over in favor of young employees when training provision is considered.

“My team and I have noticed that it is not uncommon for older people to be routinely overlooked — purely, it can be assumed, as there are no other variables, because of their age — if there are a limited number of training places.

“This type of discrimination is depressingly commonplace.”

Figures from both sides of the Atlantic back up the trend. In the U.K., 300,000 people aged 70 or over are still working. In fact, in the U.K. alone, more than one-and-a-half million people at pension age and above are in work, compared to three-quarters of a million in 1993. And these figures are reflected across Europe and America.

Given these numbers, and the paucity of sales training for those in the baby boomer age group and above, Doug Tucker is adamant that many firms’ sales training policies need to be urgently revised.


“The assumption that older people bring wisdom and experience to a sales role and therefore need no training is a fundamental flaw in the Human Resources training policies of too many companies.

“Or perhaps it is a mindset that older workers will typically not be with the company for the medium- to longer-term and, therefore, are not worth the training investment.

“Either way, we’re all working in an ever-changing sales arena that requires evolutionary sales training. And that’s for everybody, at every age.”

Doug believes that the consequences of not providing sales training to those of retirement age and over will have a devastating effect on fiscal bottom lines. And yet the answer is simple.

“We’re not teaching old dogs new tricks here. Instead, what I’m suggesting is that we refine experiences and contemporize sales techniques to build on the many attributes older workers bring to a company in a sales leadership role.

“The results will not only be individually beneficial but corporately profitable. And those results can be achieved now.”

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Claude Nougat

Great post and I must say I’m not surprised. This is, alas, par for the course. It happens across the range of jobs held by baby boomers, not just sales people. I’m a writer and it has happened to me again and again: literary agents when they see my white hair are not so interested …But it’s something that can’t be proved of course, it’s just a feeling…Now, comforted by these findings here!


This is the truth!

Jennier Chai
Good article. A frustrating thing I am experiencing is the honest realization that I am so behind in knowing how do do all the social media/website/google/blogging basics. The technical stuff feels so complicated to me. Even just getting the flow of how it all works and the steps to create a blog, etc. I listen to some of the training and follow along on the steps, but I still get stuck. I wish there was a boomer hotline you could call when you get stuck! lol But, I know its truly my responsibility to get up to date and keep… Read more »