A new breed of American baby boomers who have reached retirement

There is a new breed of American baby boomers who’ve reached retirement, and when looking to live more economically, have found that the best way is to sell the house and the car and just pack a few suitcases and move abroad. And then, as you’ll soon learn from Florence and Mike Lince, move again, every six months! That’s why this growing group of boomers is known as The 6 Monthers.

When we first announced our new lifestyle through our blog Applecore, we received an incredible response. Many of the comments mixed a little envy with a lot of curiosity about how we were able to accomplish such a thing. Perhaps the most common comment … and most mystified … was, “Why move someplace new every six months?” The answer? We felt six months was the ideal time needed to really get to experience and explore a country.


One of the reasons we left the U. S. was that we realized there were countries where we could live more economically on Mike’s Social Security check of $1,500 a month. From our experience, we learned we could live less expensively someplace for six months than what it would cost us to take a two-week vacation. We need only a one-bedroom place to rent. We do all of our own cooking, cleaning, and laundry. We do not own a vehicle, so we use public transportation. We were able to live in Boquete, Panama, on less than $700-a-month. However, living like a local in Panama is not for everyone. By comparison, we currently live with more comforts in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on a $1,000-a-month budget.

We now experience the more relaxed retired lifestyle while also getting to travel without breaking the bank. When we are not sunbathing near the pool or reading a new book, we use our days to explore the countryside to learn about the people and the culture. Here in Mexico we have taken day trips to cities such as Tepotzlan, Mexico City, and toured the prominent sites in the life of Emiliano Zapata, Mexico’s legendary folk hero. Our current plans include visits to Taxco, which is famous for its silversmiths, Acapulco, the great beach resort city, and the Mayan archeological site of Xochicalco.


One of the priceless aspects of this lifestyle is when a local asks us where we live and we say, “This city is now our home.” They smile and begin to tell us more about their city, their country, and the out-of-the-way places that we should be sure to visit, places that are not in the guidebooks. They tell us the best places to eat, as well as the places to stay away from! Most conversations with the locals end with smiles all around, and we feel that we have made a positive impact with ourgoodwill. Thus, our motto: Don’t make an impact, make a difference.


  1. Great idea! Choices for 6-monthers are infinite! Southern Europe is also full of fantastic opportunities where $1500 will take you a long, long way. I’d recommend Sicily, Portugal, Greece, Spain…

    1. Yes Claude the choices are endless. We leave for Scotland on June 28th and will be there 6 months, then to the Costa Blanca región of Spain. Our website lists the countries we are thinking of for the second half of 2014 like Romania, Croatia and even Thailand.

      I am Sicilian and yes, my family there would dearly love for us to come to stay, perhaps after we explore more of the continents. We are even looking at Iceland.

      Our goal is to live where an expat can go on $1000 a month or less. It is doable, we’ve been doing it for over two years now so lots more to explore.

      Thanks for writing.

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