Baby boomers: Never too late for a great vacation with the kids

Even though BoomerCafé co-founder and executive editor Greg Dobbs has lived a life of adventure as a television news correspondent for ABC News and HDNet World Report, there’s always yet another special place to explore with his wife and sons … such as, the Andes of Peru. Here is Greg’s photo journal.

Best moment:

The best moment for all of us was climbing the mountain called Wayna Picchu, which towers over Machu Picchu, and then looking down on the remarkable 15th century Inca community. My personal favorite was seeing my sons racing (and wheezing) up the dirt paths at 14,000 feet on the island of Amantani, which sits in the world’s highest lake, Titicaca. Even the locals thought they were loco.

What I learned:

I learned in Peru what I have previously learned in historically magical nations like China and Egypt: People today might not have the most advanced or prosperous societies, but they have deep and abiding pride in their ancestors and their achievements.

Best meal:

In the “White City” of Arequipa, we were wandering through a poor part of town and came to an outdoor café with a handful of tables. We were hungry, so we gave it a try. They serve only one dish: ceviche. It was the best any of us had ever had.

Most fun:

There is hiking around almost every corner in the Andes of Peru. What’s fun is how hard it is — and the Incas who did it regularly were only half our size.

Don’t miss:

Machu Picchu. Seeing what an organized, civilized community the Incas built atop a mountain six centuries ago will blow your mind. Maybe your lungs, too.

Best tip:

Don’t be afraid of the food; eat it! None of us suffered; to the contrary, we savored.

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